Subject Recruitment

The Subject Recruitment module provides Site Investigators and Study Coordinators with the ability to create and screen subjects, with the primary goal of enrolling them into a clinical study. Additionally, the module provides a study administrator with the tools to quickly and easily customize the screening questionnaire based on the Study Protocol.

Key Benefits:


  • Simple to administer over multinational/multilingual studies
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Increased site efficiency by increasing throughput of eligible subjects

Clinical Site

  • Lowers screening failure rate and associated cost of failures
  • Convenient dashboard reporting of subject status’
  • Direct access to Subject documentation via Doc Library component

Key Features:

Configurable Recruitment Questionnaire

  • Inclusion/Exclusion Form eligibility rules and context rules can be customized and modified quickly.

Robust Reporting Out-of-the-box

  • Reasons Declined, Reasons Ineligible and Recruitment Summary reports can be pulled on demand

Audit History

  • Full audit trail of a subject’s recruitment progress and every question update that occurs during the course of the recruitment process