The estimated cost of bringing a drug to market can range from hundreds of millions to billions of dollars, with the majority of the cost devoted to large, multi center Phase III trials. These staggering costs are driving the industry to seek ways to reduce the cost of drug development through changes in trial management, protocol design and innovations in technology.

At Itrica, innovations in technology is our passion. Most, if not all, trials rely on multiple software vendors and solutions to manage the breadth of responsibilities involved in the successful development of a drug. Our goal since day one has been to consolidate that list down to one.

The revolutionary Itrica v3.0 Clinical Trial Lifecycle Management product aims to give all responsible parties a uniquely configured view into the lifecycle  and progress of a trial. Once disparate systems such as Recruitment, Retention, Site Management, EDC, eTMF, CEC, CTMS and Data Management can all be controlled and monitored through the same application.

The Itrica Solution provides a simple, easy-to-use interface for Sponsors, Monitors, Data Managers, SMOs, CROs, Sites and Subjects. It allows all trial staff and participants to view and contribute to the success of a trial.