About Us

Itrica provides a cloud-based, Clinical Trial Lifecycle Management (CTLM) solution, which delivers compliance from startup to submission. Throughout all aspects of a clinical trial, the Itrica solution provides sponsors a unified compliant platform that ensures risk management, recruitment and retention. The platform provides visibility across global trials for every stakeholder. Sponsors, CROs, AROs, SMOs and all affiliated constituents: study sites, investigators, can save valuable time and resources by using Itrica’s unified platform.

Itrica has successfully supported clinical trials across the globe, including high profile clinical trials at their most critical times (Phase III) for major pharmaceutical companies across more than 6000 sites. The Itrica solution is highly configurable and flexible, providing the robust functionality needed to manage all aspects of a clinical trial efficiently and effectively without expensive and difficult programming requirements. Study Protocols can quickly be adapted by business users within days not months.